So in the last post, there was a whole lot of build output that suggested everything had gone well.

But right at the end, make exited with an error; not anything to do with C, but a Ruby error.

From a quick google and subsequent reading of a few Github issues, it seems like I had two choices: either install "zip-zip" for backwards compatibility, or change the source code to use the newer "zip". My natural instinct would be to change the source code, but since I'm so unfamiliar with the codebase (and want to change it as little as possible), I'll install the compatibility package with sudo gem install zip-zip (as found in the Github README for the Zip-Zip gem).

The gem installed without a hitch, and judging by the make output the requires succeeded. However, it looks like we now have a slightly bigger problem:

The second line is what bothers me: Performing login to rcs-castore:443. I'm sure I'll be able to fix the bug which is causing the error, but if the make script is going to 'call home', I'll need to set up some defensive measures so my build environment is completely separate from anything I care about.

Side note: the name Castore is the Italian rendering of Castor (of Castor and Pollux); this article also mentions two servers with certificates containing subjects rcs-castore and rcs-polluce. (Great read by the way: lots of awful so-called "social engineering" on the part of Hacking Team).

I'll get back to this once I've worked out a secure environment from which to build the program.