Today I recreated some designs from Polaroid and RadioShack. As ever, I don't load images for any of these designs – everything is styled with fonts and CSS. Here are two designs roughly taken from Polaroid logos in use today:

Polaroid logo on a white background
Polaroid logo on a black background

The rainbow detail and trademark symbol here is taken from the Polaroid Originals logo, and the Polaroid text is from the main logo.

I also had a go at recreating two blank VHS covers. Here's one from Radio Shack:

Radioshack "Supertape" VHS cover

This is copied mostly from a video reimagining VHS covers, presumably drawing on this original cover.

And here's one from Polaroid, with a scan of the original cover on the left for comparison:

Polaroid VHS cover (left) and CSS recreation (right)

These are all available on my CodePen – no really fancy tricks were used, other than abusing linear-gradient to define the multicoloured blocks:

.colors {
    background: linear-gradient(to bottom, 
        rgb(24, 144, 174) 0%, 20%,
        rgb(161, 181, 41) 20%, 40%,
        rgb(246, 208, 47) 40%, 60%,
        rgb(231, 128, 36) 60%, 80%,
        rgb(224, 54, 101) 80%