Just a slight detour from the text-game work: I noticed that a lot of the functionality we were building into the server would be useful for an IRC-style chatroom. There's a very barebones version of it at my Github, and I'm probably going to periodically add features and functionality.

At present, it works like this:

screenshot of chatroom in action

I'm using a TMUX session, much like I have been with the text game: the top left window is an SSH session into my server here at bede.club, and the other windows are telnet connections from my local machine to the server.

My todo list for new features:
  • Store accounts more permanently
  • Improve username formatting
  • Change telnet prompts (probably can't do this, the protocol doesn't seem to support it)
  • Broadcast messages when users join and leave
  • Take another look at the users and connections dicts - probably some redundancy there
  • Don't send messages to yourself